Analytical Results
from Acrion's CO2 Wash® Demonstration
From September through November of 2001, Acrion operated a CO2 Wash® demonstration unit at the New Jersey EcoComplex. In November, 2001, during one hundred hours of continuous operation the unit recovered high purity methane fuel and food grade liquid CO2 from LFG.
Composition of raw LFG, methane and CO2 products were monitored by Acrion and confirmed through independent analysis, by Atlantic Analytical Laboratory, Whitehouse, NJ.

CO2 Wash® demonstration unit removes LFG contaminants to below detection levels of 10 ppb and in one processing step recovers methane and carbon dioxide products.
  • CO2 Wash® produces ultra-pure methane for catalytic conversion to hydrogen - methanol or fuel cell application. Contaminant removal efficiency easily satisfies requirements for pipeline and LNG production from LFG. Analysis for raw LFG and methane product is provided in PDF format.
  • Removal of Siloxane compounds from LFG to below detection limit of 5ppb improves economics and performance of power generation projects. Siloxane analysis in raw LFG and methane product is provided in PDF format.
  • Food grade liquid CO2 is recovered simultaneously with methane products, improving economics of LFG utilization projects. Liquid CO2 analysis is provided in PDF format.
The processing steps of CO2 Wash® to various methane products and carbon dioxide are shown on the following pages of Acrion's site: LFG to Power, LFG to Pipeline, LFG to LNG and LFG to Methanol or LFG to Hydrogen.

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