Acrion's CO2 Wash®
Acrion markets CO2 Wash® design and development services for the production of green fuels and chemicals from landfill gas. A major barrier to widespread commercial utilization of landfill gas (LFG) is reliable, economic removal of contaminants. A stream of contaminant-free methane and CO2 is produced by CO2 Wash®. Contaminants are concentrated in a separate small stream of CO2 for incineration in the landfill flare. The contaminant-free methane and CO2 stream can be used as medium Btu fuel gas,as a hydrogen source for the fuel cell or as feedstock for chemical synthesis, e.g. methanol. Alternatively, it can be further processed to separate CO2 from methane to produce pipeline methane or transportation fuel (compressed or liquefied), and liquid CO2. Natural gas fleet vehicles are a potential steady market for methane recovered from LFG.
Brookhaven National Laboratory signed a contract with Acrion to develop a process to produce marketable LNG and liquid CO2 from landfill gas.
The U.S. Department of Energy sponsored much of Acrion's development work under grants aimed at creating technologies whose purpose is to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide alternative sources of clean fuel. This is link to DOE Press Release on Acrion Process.
CO2 Wash® Process

Unique Features of Acrion's CO2 Wash®
CO2 Based Contaminant Control
In-situ, no regeneration, purchase, disposal of solvent
Removal of chlorinated & sulfur contaminants below 20 ppb
Contaminant removal independent of amount/species
Carbon dioxide is inert, not combustible or explosive
Expanded LFG Product Options
Pipeline gas
Liquid or compressed methane
Synthetic chemicals, methanol, DME
Hydrogen for fuel cell
Liquid or solid carbon dioxide
Economic, Environmentally Friendly Process
Demonstrated in the field, patented technology
Simple, conventional, robust,
99 +% methane recovery, 80 +% CO2 recovery
Efficient contaminants destruction, small stream
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