Commercialization of CO2 Wash®

2011- Acrion's partner FirmGreen, is supplying the equipment and processing skids to Gas Verde, S.A., the project developer and owner-operator of LFG to pipeline plant at Novo Gramacho Landfill, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Acrion’s patented CO2 Wash® technology is selected for gas clean up and processing.

Guild Associates (Dublin, Ohio), is fabricating the skid mounted plant.

Components for the processing Plant

2008- Acrion's partner FirmGreen, Inc. (FGI) announces the opening of a Green Energy Center (GEC), near Columbus, Ohio. In a public-private partnership with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) FirmGreen built the landfill gas processing facility and fueling station that dipenses compressed natural gas (CNG) processed from landfill gas. The facility collects and cleans raw landfill gas using Acrion’s patented technology CO2 Wash ®. The cleaned methane is then converted into ‘green’ compressed natural gas (gCNG™) for use in CNG powered cars and medium duty trucks. gCNG™ is FirmGreen’s trademarked brand name for Compressed Natural Gas from renewable recourses such as landfill gas and biomass.


The facility being commissioned is Phase One of a multi-phase development that when completed will produce approximately 30,000 Gasoline Gallon Equivalents (GGE) per day. The facility can produce fuel at a GGE cost lower than $2.00 per gallon. Compared to Ohio’s recent cost of $4.85 per gallon for diesel fuel, net savings of $60,000 per day can be achieved for Ohio fleets. The gCNG™ fuel will meet OEM engine manufacturing specifications for CNG fuel.

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