Acrion's CO2 Wash® Demonstration

Schematics of CO2 Wash® Demonstration at NJ EcoComplexCO2 Wash® Demonstration at EcoComplex, NJ
From September through November of 2001, Acrion operated a CO2 Wash® demonstration unit which recovered high purity fuel and food grade liquid carbon dioxide from LFG. The unit is located at the NJ EcoComplex, Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex, Columbus, NJ.
Composition of raw LFG, methane and CO2 products were monitored by Acrion and confirmed through independent analysis by Atlantic Analytical Laboratory.
Landfill gas processed by Acrion's CO2 Wash® is recovered as contaminant-free methane - carbon dioxide (800 Btu) and as food grade liquid CO2. Contaminants are incinerated at the landfill flare. The contaminant-free CH4-CO2 can be used as medium Btu fuel gas, as feedstock to produce hydrogen to power fuel cells or for chemical synthesis, e.g. methanol. Alternatively, it can be further processed to separate CO2 from methane to produce pipeline gas or transportation fuel (compressed or liquefied), and additional liquid CO2.
The following results show CO2 Wash® a robust, economic, environmentally responsible clean up technology that offers total LFG utilization.

Methane Product (700 - 800 BTU/scf)
Siloxane Compounds below detection limit of 5 ppb
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons below detection limit of 10 ppb
Total Sulfur Compounds 100 ppb

Liquid Carbon Dioxide 99.99% pure
Propane 67 ppm
COS 0.25 ppm
Benzene below detection limit of 5 ppb
H2S and Other Sulfur Compounds below detection limit of 50 ppb
Light Hydrocarbons ( C1 - C3) below detection limit of 1 ppm
Total Chlorinated Hydrocarbons below detection limit of 500 ppb
Hydrocarbons ( BTX, Alcohols, C5 +) below detection limit of 200 - 500 ppb
Inert Components ( N2, CO, O2, H2) below detection limit of 4 ppm

Complete analytical report on raw landfill gas and methane and carbon dioxide products recovered by Acrion's CO2 Wash® PDU is available.

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