Bill Brown, President of Acrion WILLIAM R BROWN, president and co-founder of Acrion Technologies, is responsible for overall corporate administration and management, financial and corporate planning, business development, and contract negotiation. Dr Brown's background in chemical process engineering includes application of state-of-the-art separation technologies to the organic chemical, petrochemical and synthetic fuels industries. He has extensive experience in the design, construction, operation, and simulation of pilot plant equipment, with special emphasis on gas processing, cryogenic, and high-pressure systems. He was program manager for design, development, fabrication, and operation of an acid gas removal pilot plant, including hydrogen sulfide absorption with liquid carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide purification by crystallization. He is author of several patents, patent applications and papers on in-situ liquid carbon dioxide technology for gas separation and purification. Dr Brown holds a BS in chemical engineering from Penn State University and a PhD in chemical engineering from Case Institute of Technology, and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio.

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