CO2 Wash® and its Benefits

CO2 Wash® column for contaminants removal from landfill gas Below is a summary of CO2 Wash® benefits and improvements upon competitive technologies:
  • a variety of methane products enabled from landfill gas,
  • food grade liquid CO2 recovered as second product,
  • storable, transportable products,
  • no commercial separation agent for bulk contaminant removal,
  • separation agent, liquid CO2, obtained from raw landfill gas,
  • continuous fresh solvent, no regeneration necessary,
  • reliable contaminant removal to ppb levels,
  • verification of siloxane removal from landfill gas
  • verification of sulfur compound removal from landfill gas,
  • verification of halogenated compound removal from landfill gas,
  • verification of NMOC (non-methane organic compound) removal from landfill gas,
  • removal of "new" contaminants guaranteed,
  • well defined contaminant control and disposal.

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