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"Production of Liquid Methane Truck Fuel from Landfill Gas" study is awarded by Brookhaven National Lab.
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The project is at Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex and the adjacent New Jersey EcoComplex, Columbus, New Jersey. The project will produce up to 15,00 gallons of liquid methane from LFG with Acrion’s CO2 Wash® Process Demonstration Unit.
Two Mack LNG engine refuse trucks will consume this fuel in up to 1000 hours cumulative engine time logged on daily refuse collection routes.
Quality of produced liquid methane fuel, and Mack LNG engine performance, will be monitored. Insights leading to process design optimization for 5000 liquid methane gallons per day and larger facilities are anticipated from conducting the project. Overall economic feasibility and partnering relationships will be developed in the course of the project.

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