Press Releases and Pubications

"Landfill Gas to Fleet Fuel in Ohio", by Nora Goldstein
BioCycle, October 2008, Pages 47-48.

"Turning garbage into energy," by John Funk
Sunday, March 5, 2006. The Cleveland Plain Dealer/ Business Section G.

SWACO Landfill-Grove City, Ohio - FGE Green Energy Center© Groundbreaking takes place.
Fleets and Fuels, August 1, 2005, Page 8.

"Getting a Handle on Greenhouse Gases" CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, June 2004, page 21.

"Renewable Fuels and CO2"
presented by Bill Brown at SWANA's 27-th Annual Landfill Gas Symposium in San Antonio, Texas March 22-25, 2004.

R&D 100 Awared Winner CO2 Wash™ Process is an R&D 100 Award winner and judged one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year 2002. CO2 Wash™ award winning technology is featured in R&D Magazine's September 2002 issue.

National Energy Technology Laboratories Logo"DOE Techline" DOE-Sponsored Process Enhances Use of Landfill Gas, Improves Air Quality. Energy Secretary Abraham Commends Small Business for Innovative Concept Being Showcased Today in New Jersey.
Press Release, Issued on December 11, 2001.

"LFG Treatment to Purify Methane & Produce Liquid CO2" presented by Rick Morck at SWANA's 23-rd Annual Landfill Gas Symposium in San Diego, California March 27-30, 2000.
This presentation can also be found in 23rd Annual Landfill Gas Symposium Proceedings in Innovative Technologies Section at SWANA.

"Washing Landfill Gas" is an overview of Acrion's CO2 Wash™ Process published in April 2000 issue (pages 50-52) of "Waste Age", the Business Magazine for Waste Industry Professionals.

"Landfill Gas: Capture the Aroma, Create Value, Make Methanol" was presented by Acrion and its partener Alcohol Solutions at the Eighth Commercialization Opportunity Forum held in Washington DC, May 8-9, 2000.

"Environmental Solutions" a Periodic Newsletter for U.S. Department of Energy Technology Center. This newsletter provides information on FETC's initiatives in solving environmental problems. "New Beginnings at the Landfill", Volume 1, Issue 2, page 3.

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